Freelance Website Developer in Jaipur

Are you looking for a web developer or website development company? Then you are on the right website. You can hire us for your web development project and future planning. We are a website design company based in Jaipur and have developed many websites like e-Commerce built in PHP, Laravel & WordPress CMS, Blogging, News, CMS, and CRM as per the requirements of customers. We have local and world-wide satisfied customers. We have 5+ years of rich experience in the web development field. You can rely on us for your project because we offer free support and maintenance for the next 6th month. 

Our website development company builds professional and creative websites using the latest technology. We have designers, programmers, and developers on staff. They work with a variety of CMS and PHP frameworks, including WordPress, E-commerce, CRM Dashboard, and Laravel Framework.

Better security technologies are provided by our company for your website, and both your online store and regular website can use SSL (https://). Additionally, we offer website performance optimization services, increasing your site’s GTmetrix and Google speed test scores above 95%. Optimizing your website’s speed for better SEO and site ranking.

Our Best Web Services


More than 78% of websites are using PHP because it’s free, secure and open source. If you need a fully customised website, then you should choose PHP as the language for the back-end. We provide PHP development services in the Php Laravel framework. which is currently the most popular and secure framework in PHP. We develop many types of e-commerce websites, blogs, news portals, web apps, etc.


WordPress is a premade CMS to build websites quickly. It’s easy to do theme or template-based development in WordPress. It is secure, powerful, and SEO-friendly CMS. WordPress has thousands of plugins and themes to make development easier and faster. WordPress is the most popular CMS of PHP in the world. By using WordPress, we can develop many websites like blogs, news, e-commerce via the woocommerce plugin, and informative websites.


E-commerce stores are growing rapidly and allow you to sell products or services online easily. There are many CMS and portals to develop an e-commerce website. We provide b2b and b2c ecommerce web development in PHP, Laravel Framework, and Woocommerce with all the functionality like managing products, orders, sales, generating reports, invoices, and users can purchase products and make payment with a payment gateway. We provide full support to our clients to manage websites, products, and marketing campaigns.


CRM software is used to manage company tasks like employee management, products or services, orders, reports, etc., while CMS is used to manage websites, applications, custom web portals, etc. We offer CRM and CMS development in PHP using the Laravel Framework. Our process is very easy to work on your project. First we understand your requirements, then we create notes and then we process them further for development. We have created many CRM and CMS systems that work flawlessly. You can reach us to build a CRM/CMS for your company.


Digital marketing is the most popular way to promote businesses locally or world-wide. We have an experienced digital marketing team to generate leads for your business. We optimise your website to boost SEO rank and promote your business with Google Adwords, Facebook, Instagram, etc. We offer digital marketing services at a very affordable price.


We have an experienced graphic designer to create professional and attractive logos, sliders, baners, digital cards, and brochure designs for your company to promote online. You can hire us for graphic design services at a very affordable price.

I'm Murad Saifi, an experienced freelance website designer and developer with over 5 years of industry expertise. Specializing in PHP and the Laravel Framework, I've successfully delivered diverse projects, including e-commerce websites, CRM, CMS platforms, matrimony website and web portals. With skills in crafting secure back-end panels, integrating APIs, and payment gateways, I ensure seamless functionality.

During my free time, I enjoy writing blogs on various topics like web technology, internet trends, android, website security, AI, and ChatGPT. With a deep passion for the industry and a commitment to staying up-to-date, I share valuable insights and expertise on my blog. Join me as we explore the ever-evolving world of web design, development, and the exciting realm of technology.